Redshift Sound is the brainchild of musician and sound engineer Simon Hardacre.

Located in the North West of England, Redshift offers a wide range of professional audio services including, studio and location recording, live sound engineering, mixing and mastering, composition and arrangement, and tuition.

Simon’s philosophy at Redshift is simple – to deliver the very best audio solutions for the specific needs of clients in a focused, professional and cost-effective way. Simon explains it best in his own words, “I’m a musician first, so I understand music thoroughly. It’s not just my profession, it’s my way of life. I am passionate about getting the very best results from whatever I work on, bringing my extensive experience and calm, reassuring personality to the project so I can help take away the pressure from those around me who need to focus on their own role. As an experienced live and studio performer, I understand musicians and I can motivate them to give the best performance possible”.

It’s a philosophy that works well for a wide variety of clients including musicians who need a reliable and inspiring engineer for both live and studio sound, corporate clients who require professional voiceover and composition facilities, and people of all ages and abilities wishing to develop their playing skills.

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Outboard: ART, AVID, M-Audio, Universal Audio

Monitoring: Adam, Audio-Technica

Microphones: AKG, Audix, Rode, sE Electronics, Shure

Plugins: IK Multimedia, Izotope, Melda Production, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, Relab, Slate Digital, Sonarworks, Sound Radix, Sound Toys, Spitfire Audio, Toontrack, Universal Audio, UVI, Vienna Instruments, Waves

Software: Ableton Live 9 Suite, Cubase Pro 8, Guitar Pro 6, Izotope RX5, Pro Tools 12, Sibelius 7